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Pitt talks about parenting 'joy'
Brad Pitt
Pitt has been in New Orleans to draw attention to rebuilding efforts
Film star Brad Pitt has spoken of his "true joy" at becoming a parent, saying it is the "best thing I ever did".

"Having kids is really the most extraordinary thing I've ever taken on," he told the US TV programme Today.

The 42-year-old and his partner, actress Angelina Jolie, had a baby daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, in Namibia in May.

"Man, if I can get a burp out of that little thing," he said, "I'll feel such a sense of accomplishment".

The actor added that the arrival of his daughter had made a big difference to his life.

"It completely changes your perspective. And certainly takes the focus off yourself, which I'm really grateful for."


Pitt has recently been in New Orleans to see the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina last year.

The actor is working with the charity Global Green USA, which is holding a competition to develop ecologically-friendly designs for rebuilding efforts in the city.

"I've really had a very fortunate life and it's time for me to share that a bit," he said.

Jolie and Pitt were linked romantically soon after filming Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005.

Pitt divorced actress Jennifer Aniston last October, while Jolie - star of the Tomb Raider movies - was previously married to actors Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller.

Jolie, 30, already has two adopted children - Cambodian-born son Maddox, 4, and daughter Zahara.

Last year Pitt announced his intention to become the adoptive father of Jolie's children.

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