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Star's nude double demands credit
Zhang Ziyi
Ziyi's other films include Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
An actress who was a body double for Memoirs of a Geisha star Ziyi Zhang on her latest film has demanded her name in the credits, it has been reported.

In extracts from her blog reprinted in the Chinese press, Shao Xiaoshan said she was paid 20,000 yuan (1,360) to double for Zhang in a nude scene.

She is now demanding her name in the credits when the film, The Banquet, is released in China later this year.

"I just want everyone to know [Zhang's] back is mine," she is quoted as saying.

The actress said director Fang Xiaogang had been "very satisfied" with her body but would not now return her calls.

According to the Reuters news agency, however, Xiaoshan's concerns have been given short shrift by the film's producers.

"The film has not been shown to the public. How can Shao know her name is not included in the credits?" Wang Zhongjun, of Huayi Brothers and Taihe Movie Investment Co, is quoted as saying.

His colleague Xu Li criticised Xiaoshan's decision to air her grievances online, saying there was "no need to adopt such measures".

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