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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 June 2006, 16:53 GMT 17:53 UK
Musician 'willing to face prison'
Aki Nawaz
Aki Nawaz denied the music condoned terrorism against civilians
A musician who has written an album describing suicide bombers has said he is prepared to be imprisoned under new anti-terrorism legislation.

Fun-Da-Mental frontman Aki Nawaz could face prosecution under glorification of terrorism laws for the content of All Is War (The Benefits of G-Had).

"If it means taking the rap and promoting the album from Belmarsh prison, I'll do it," he said.

The release has been delayed after record bosses threatened to resign.


"If I believe what I've done to be true, then I'll stick by my work 100%," Nawaz said.

"What I have to say isn't new - other people have said far more contentious stuff than me," added the musician, who has been with the band since 1991.

Fun-Da-Mental released an album entitled Erotic Terrorism in 1998
One of the songs, called Cookbook DIY, contains the lyrics: "I'm strapped-up 'cross my chest, bomb belt attached, deeply satisfied with the pain I hatched, electrodes connected to a gas cooker lighter."

But Nawaz denied the music condoned terrorism against civilians.

"As far as terrorism and the killing of innocent people goes, I find it repulsive," he said.

"I know how the suicide bombers feel, but if they're going to do anything, it's got to be against military targets," added Nawaz, from Bradford.

Another track, Che Bin, explores a comparison between Osama Bin Laden and Argentine-born revolutionary Che Guevara, while other songs mention conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East.


The BBC's legal affairs analyst Jon Silverman said the album could result in a prosecution under glorification of terrorism laws, passed earlier this year, but may require the consent of the Attorney General.

The album was due for release on 17 July but is now expected to come out on 31 July.

Martin Mills and Andrew Heath, two "silent" directors of Fun-Da-Mental's label Nation Records, have threatened to quit their posts if the album comes out.

The directors' company, Beggar's Banquet records, declined to comment.

Hear some of Aki Nawaz's controversial lyrics

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