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Boy George due back in US court
Boy George
Boy George was formerly with 1980s pop group Culture Club
Boy George is to appear in court in New York to hear the terms of the community service he must perform after admitting to wasting police time.

In March the singer - real name George O'Dowd - admitted he wasted police time by falsely reporting a burglary.

O'Dowd was arrested in 2005 when police were called to his home and found a small amount of cocaine. A charge of possessing the drug was later dropped.

He was sentenced to five days community service and fined $1,000 (540).

Aids benefit

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Anthony Ferrara also ordered O'Dowd to attend a drug rehabilitation programme.

At a hearing on 16 June, Judge Ferrara criticised the singer and DJ for failing to pay the fine or report to the office that would decide how he should fulfil his community service.

He asked O'Dowd's lawyer, Louis Freeman, why he should not jail his client for the non-payment.

Judge Ferrara also ridiculed the singer's proposals to spend his community service helping to stage a fashion and make-up workshop and play a DJ set at a benefit for Aids sufferers.

Lawyer Louis Freeman said O'Dowd hoped to do something other than sweeping pavements.

"There's nothing wrong with that if that's part of his punishment, but it will turn into a media circus, and the press will be following him every day," he said.

At the hearing on Monday, Judge Ferrara will outline the details of O'Dowd's community service and also decide whether the singer has violated the terms of his sentence.

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