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Status Quo: Top of Top of the Pops
Status Quo
Quo hold the world record for most hit singles, with 62 chart entries
Rock group Status Quo appeared on Top of the Pops more than any other band, notching up 87 performances during the show's 42-year history.

The band's first appearance on the programme came in 1968, when they were in the charts with the psychedelic song Pictures of Matchstick Men.

Since then, they have performed the majority of their singles on the programme, and were invited back to play on both the 25th anniversary and the 2000th edition of the show.

Lead singer and guitarist Francis Rossi recalls the group's best, and worst, times on the pop programme.

We did Top of the Pops for the first time in 1968 when you used a backing track and did a live vocal.

Status Quo in 1980
Parfitt (l) and Rossi (r) are the key members of Status Quo
It was just a thrill to be in there. You knew the programme was the best place to get your record aired.

The first time we did it, it was in Manchester, and when we tried to get out we got mobbed.

Girls would tear you apart trying to get in and out of this strange church in the middle of nowhere.

But it was always a good day out. You got a bit of a curry and, at the time when I was drinking, you could have a drink.

That's why [guitarist] Rick Parfitt fell into the drum kit during [a performance of the 1983 single] Marguerita Time.

We'd end up in the dressing room at ten in the morning, and it was kind of a day off for us, so we used to get some curries from up the road.

A couple of times we left a dodgy fish curry in the roof because we thought we were being wild.

But I remember being late once, and we got told off so bad.

We were only young - 18 or something - and I think our manager told the producer to go in there and tear us apart.

And he really tore us apart. "Who do you think you people are?" and that sort of angle - and it really worked.

Ever since then Rick has always been early!

People all over the world would talk about Top of the Pops, and say they'd done it.

Every so often new pop programmes would come along but Top of the Pops seemed to carry on, so I would probably hang on if I were them.

It's a cyclical thing and perhaps it would become groovy again but it's probably a fact that there aren't that many people watching any more.

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