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Last Updated: Monday, 12 June 2006, 16:48 GMT 17:48 UK
Radio 1 to fine DJs for swearing
Chris Moyles
Chris Moyles' breakfast show has around 6.3m listeners a week
BBC Radio 1 is to introduce fines for presenters who use foul language on air following two complaints against breakfast show DJ Chris Moyles.

Moyles was censured for using a derogatory term about women and for accidentally swearing at a listener during a live phone call.

Ofcom said the incidents were not acceptable on a breakfast programme heard by children.

Radio 1 said it "takes Ofcom's findings very seriously".

"Live and edgy broadcasting carries risks but Radio 1's Controller, Andy Parfitt, has made it clear to both staff and presenters that inappropriate language is unacceptable," it said in a statement.

Any future similarly serious compliance issues may result in the consideration of further regulatory action
The station has told Ofcom that, in the future, presenters who accidentally swear or use other foul language on air will be subject to disciplinary measures.

If the rules are breached twice within 12 months, the presenter will suffer a financial penalty.

Radio 1 said these new procedures were already in place, but Moyles would not be fined on this occasion.

However, the station told Ofcom that Mr Parfitt had raised the issue of foul language with the DJ "who had given an assurance that his use of language would be more carefully managed".

Clearly unsuitable

Scott Mills
A prank call on Scott Mills' show was called a "serious misjudgement"
Two further complaints against Radio 1 were also upheld by the broadcasting watchdog.

A prank phone-call on Scott Mills' afternoon show, which contained bleeped-out swear words, was found to be "overtly aggressive" and "clearly unsuitable for broadcast".

Moyles' breakfast show was found to be in breach of broadcasting guidelines for a third time when it allowed a guest to swear during an interview.

In the latter case, Ofcom said it was satisfied that the presenter had asked the guest not to swear.

It also welcomed the fact that Radio 1 had reminded production teams how to deal with language from contributors in light of the breach.

However, the watchdog said it had serious concerns about "the number and, in some cases, the seriousness of compliance issues that have arisen" at the station.

"We recognise that Radio 1 aims to produce imaginative and innovative programming but the station also attracts a wide-ranging audience, including large numbers of children," it said.

"Any future similarly serious compliance issues may result in the consideration of further regulatory action."

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