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Last Updated: Monday, 12 June 2006, 11:20 GMT 12:20 UK
Chinese censors 'cut Cruise film'
A still from the film Mission: Impossible III
Mission: Impossible III stars Tom Cruise and Philip Seymour Hoffman
Mission: Impossible III has been approved for cinemas in China but with some scenes cuts for violence and cultural references, it is reported.

The film's release, which stars Tom Cruise, was held up by Chinese censors.

The Hollywood Reporter said they complained about scenes of violence and a portrayal of Shanghai as a slum.

It quoted a producer as saying certain "adjustments" were made "to play to a Chinese audience", adding the integrity of the movie had been maintained.

Paula Wagner did not specify to the trade paper exactly which parts of the storyline had been removed.

However, she said she - and the Chinese authorities - were "very pleased" with the changes.

A still from the film Mission: Impossible III
Chinese censors often cut violence, sex and criticism of their country
There had been "a wonderful meeting of the minds" in agreeing what needed to be altered, she told the publication.

Mission: Impossible III was filmed partially in the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai.

It was submitted to a panel of censors in China in April, as is customary.

It is now scheduled for release in mid-July, when a seasonal summer blackout of foreign films comes to an end and cinemas can show overseas productions once more.

A box office hit in countries including the US, Canada and the UK, it has now taken almost $200m (108m) in six weeks.

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