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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 June 2006, 00:50 GMT 01:50 UK
Ticket winner joins Big Brother
Susie Verrico
Suzie is expected to wear gold outfits at all times
A Big Brother fan whose husband spent 4,000 on promotional chocolate in a bid to win her a place on the Channel 4 reality TV show has got her wish.

Susie Verrico's ticket was picked in a live lottery-style draw involving 35 people who found golden tickets hidden in special Kit Kat bars.

The 43-year-old of West Malling in Kent believes her life will change because of the media attention she will get.

Meanwhile, unemployed nail technician Sam Brodie was evicted from the house.

Nineteen-year-old Sam, a man who dresses as and refers to himself as a woman, was evicted after receiving 53.7% of the total votes cast. Fellow eviction nominee Nikki Grahame can now stay for another week.

Golden quarters

Susie's appearance on Big Brother comes after a competition to find a member of the public to join the contestants.

A total of 100 tickets were hidden in Kit Kat bars and distributed around the UK.

Of those tickets, 58 were found before last Friday's deadline, but two people decided not to put themselves forward for the show, two dropped out, and 19 did not pass the required background checks.

Susie's number 14 ticket was picked by Aisleyne in the draw.

As the so-called golden housemate, she will make use of her own private golden quarters on the show and will have to wear gold outfits at all time.

Producers told her she is forbidden from disclosing to the contestants any information she may have come across about Big Brother before entering the house.

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