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De Niro donates film memorabilia
The collection includes De Niro's New York taxi driver's licence

Actor Robert De Niro has donated a vast collection of memorabilia from his films to the University of Texas.

It comprises more than 3,000 costumes and props from films such as Raging Bull and The Deer Hunter.

"The collection is awe-inspiring in its depth and scope," said the university's associate curator Steve Wilson.

The archive will be held at the Harry Ransom Center and, once catalogued, made available for research.


"One of the most important things about the Harry Ransom Center is that the material will be accessible to students and the public," said De Niro in a press release.

"Ultimately, that's what it's all about," added the actor.

"We're all very excited about this archive," said the Centre's director Thomas Stanley. "Students and the public are sure going to have fun with it."

Among notable items in the collection is a full body cast of De Niro used in the production of the 1994 film Frankenstein.

Robert De Niro's make up test for Raging Bull
Photographs of the actor's make-up test for Raging Bull are included

It also includes the actor's real-life taxi driver's licence, which De Niro obtained while researching the role of Travis Bickle, which gained him an Oscar nomination.

The actor has also handed over more than 100 boxes containing annotated scripts, production photographs and correspondence with colleagues, such as director Martin Scorcese.

"De Niro is renowned for the meticulous research he puts into each role, and all that material is present in the collection," said Mr Wilson.

The collection is so large that it will require four articulated lorries to transfer it to the University.

Established in 1957, The Harry Ransom Center also houses collections from actress Gloria Swanson, author Norman Mailer and Gone With The Wind producer David O. Selznick.

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