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Photographer Arnold Newman dies
Arnold Newman
Newman worked as a freelancer, based mostly in New York
Photographer Arnold Newman, who took pictures of hundreds of world figures in politics, business and the arts in a 65-year career, has died aged 88.

Newman, whose work appeared frequently in Life magazine, died of a heart attack in a New York hospital where he had been recovering from a stroke.

He was famed for pioneering "environmental portraiture", capturing people in their work place.

Head of Getty Images Jonathan Klein said Newman had "advanced the art".

One of the most famous examples of the style was his portrait of composer Stravinsky, sitting at the side of a grand piano.

'True pioneer'

Mr Klein said he was "a true pioneer who advanced the art of portraiture throughout his career.

Arnold Newman
Newman took this portrait of Pablo Picasso in 1954

"He captured the defining images of many of the most notable figures of the 20th Century and greatly influenced the generation of photographers who carry on this tradition today."

Newman was born on 3 March 1918 in New York and grew up in New Jersey and Florida.

He studied art at the University of Miami and began photography in 1938 in chain portrait studios.

In 1941, he was discovered by Beaumont Newhall of the Museum of Modern Art and famed photographer Alfred Stieglitz and given an exhibit.

His work has been the subject of several books and exhibitions.

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