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Spared, by Wendy Cope
Poet Wendy Cope's meditation on the events of 9/11 written specially for the poetry anthology CD Life Lines in aid of Oxfam.

"That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of Love... "
Emily Dickinson

It wasn't you, it wasn't me,
Up there, two thousand feet above
A New York street. We're safe and free,
A little while, to live and love,

Imagining what might have been -
The phone-call from the blazing tower,
A last farewell on the machine,
While someone sleeps another hour,

Or worse, perhaps, to say goodbye
And listen to each other's pain,
Send helpless love across the sky,
Knowing we'll never meet again,

Or jump together, hand in hand,
To certain death. Spared all of this
For now, how well I understand
That love is all, is all there is.

Copyright remains with author - Copyright Wendy Cope, 2006.

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