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Label boss dismisses Thom rumours
Sandi Thom
Thom has been compared to KT Tunstall and Janis Joplin
The record label boss who signed Sandi Thom has sought to quash rumours surrounding the singer's rise to stardom after famed concert webcasts.

Craig Logan said RCA Records was "drawn to" and signed Thom after learning of the 21-night webcast from her home.

There had been recent suggestions that RCA owner Sony was behind the webcasts.

In Music Week, Mr Logan also rejected claims audience figures of 70,000 a night must have been inflated. Thom's first single is number one in the UK.

Thom's Twenty One Nights From Tooting tour in February and March received widespread media coverage after it was claimed tens of thousands of people were logging on to watch.

The 24-year-old, originally from Scotland but now living in south-west London, said she got the idea after the car she used on a real tour constantly broke down.

The subsequent signing of a deal with RCA Records in April was also webcast on her site.

But recent reports suggested it could all have been an inspired marketing campaign, with specific claims suggesting Thom's website could not have coped with the reported traffic and that free CDs were offered to boost interest.

Sandi Thom is a great artist, which is why RCA signed her
Craig Logan
RCA Records managing director
Mr Logan wrote in Music Week that he wished to "correct some of the myths and assertions in the media with some simple, honest facts".

"The only guerrilla marketing tactics employed were when the flyer was sent out to over one million email addresses, which is hardly revolutionary," he said.

He said the flyer had contained a link to Thom's website, which explained why people monitoring search engine traffic had tracked few searches for Thom.

Mr Logan added that the costs of the bandwidth for Thom's webcasts were "absorbed by the streaming company".

"Fact: Sandi tried the old way of building a community and it didn't quite work for her. The new way has."

He also said: "Sandi Thom is a great artist, which is why RCA signed her."

Her single I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker is at number one in the UK charts, and her debut album Smile... It Confuses People was released on Monday.

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