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Stars confirmed for social drama
Colin Firth
Colin Firth will take the lead role in the new drama
Actors Colin Firth and Robert Carlyle are to star in a BBC drama marking the 40th anniversary of Ken Loach's film Cathy Come Home.

The drama will tell the stories of several characters who find themselves living in temporary housing.

It was commissioned for the anniversary of Loach's powerful 1966 TV film, which showed how an average family became homeless.

Nighty Night's Julia Davis and Anne-Marie Duff of Shameless also star.

Firth will take the lead role, playing a wealthy city worker trying to help people less fortunate than himself and getting drawn into their lives.


Provisionally called London, the drama has been written and directed by Dominic Savage, who made the 2002 youth offenders' drama Out of Control.

Ray Brooks and Carol White in scene from Cathy Come Home
Cathy Come Home was one of TV's first "docu-dramas"
"This is a film about social inequalities, people in desperate circumstances and their intertwining different lives," he said.

"It's ultimately about people's relationships and the difficulties, dilemmas and moral issues they face."

The film will not be a remake or update of Cathy Come Home, said a BBC spokesperson.

Loach's drama sparked a national debate at the same time as the homeless charity Shelter was established.

A poll conducted by the British Film Institute in 2000 found Cathy Come Home was the second favourite programme of all time for UK TV industry figures.

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