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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 May 2006, 15:24 GMT 16:24 UK
Big Brother ejects 'rule-breaker'
Big Brother 7 contestant Dawn
Dawn threatened to walk out after being nominated for eviction
Big Brother contestant Dawn has been thrown off the show, with the producers claiming she broke a rule banning communication with the outside world.

This came after she told housemates that a message she was allowed from her family had contained a coded warning about negative press, the makers said.

The 38-year-old had been facing the first public vote for eviction, now between only Bonnie, 19, and Glyn, 18.

On Tuesday night, contestant Shahbaz Chauhdry, 37, walked off the show.

Just after noon on Thursday, Dawn was called to the house's diary room and reminded of the rule banning communication with the outside world, then ordered to leave immediately.

As this is a fundamental breach of the rules, Big Brother removed Dawn from the house
Big Brother statement
The Big Brother statement said contestants are asked before entering the house whether there are any personal matters they wish to be informed about while inside.

A family member had contacted the makers of Big Brother on Wednesday with a confidential message that was passed on to Dawn "in confidence and in good faith", it said.

'Exercise scientist'

The programme-makers said she later told housemates that she had arranged to be sent the "Your sister is ill" message if there was any negative press coverage about her.

"As this is a fundamental breach of the rules, Big Brother removed Dawn from the house this afternoon," the statement said.

Dawn threatened to walk out on Wednesday when she learned that she had been nominated.

Before she entered the house, Dawn - who was billed as an exercise scientist - told viewers she did not have any friends and had never been in love.

Care worker Bonnie, from Loughborough, or Welsh lifeguard Glyn will be evicted on Friday evening.

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