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Sons 'help keep Charles in touch'
Princes Harry, Charles and William
The interview is the first at length with all three princes
Princes William and Harry keep Prince Charles "in touch with what's going on", their father has said.

Joining Charles in an interview with TV duo Ant and Dec, the young princes revealed they argued over possession of the television remote control.

And the interviewers are ribbed about their past as pop stars PJ and Duncan.

The interview is being screened on ITV1 on Saturday night as part of celebrations to mark the 30th birthday of the Prince's Trust.

Dec Donnelly asks Charles: "How important are William and Harry in keeping you in touch with what's relevant today and what's in fashion?"

I can't keep up with all the different new bands and everything else that pop up on the scene
Prince Charles

"Do we look fashionable? Yes, right," interjects William.

"I'm sure they think they are very important, ha, no I do, they are very good at keeping me in touch with what's going on a bit," Charles replies.

"I mean particularly on a sort of music front and things like that. I can't keep up with all the different new bands and everything else that pop up on the scene."

William and Harry admit to having similar tastes in music.

"I'd say his was pretty shocking but mine was very good," William says.

"But apart from that we tend to like pretty much the same music."

PJ and Duncan

However, Charles is less impressed, saying his sons' loud music makes the house shake.

"It's just like houses up and down the country - 'turn that racket down'," says Donnelly.

Ant and Dec
The princes tease Ant and Dec about their former career as pop stars

Referring to the interviewers' previous incarnation as pop stars PJ and Duncan, William says: "I was at school - we love them, don't we... that's those two."

"We had a very brief music career," Ant McPartlin replies.

"In a former life," adds Donnelly.

The young princes also reveal "there is usually an argument over the remote" and that they watch reality TV shows including Pop Idol and I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! - both presented by their interviewers.

Other topics covered include the cooking skills, or lack of them, of all three princes.

After being congratulated on the 30th anniversary of the Prince's Trust, Charles replies: "You're very kind, thank you very much.

"It is rather worrying. And I'm still alive."

Ant and Dec Meet The Three Princes - the first interview at length with the three - will be screened as part of Saturday night's celebrations, which also include a pop concert in the Tower of London.

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