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'Twisted' Brother opens its doors
Big Brother housemates
The 14 housemates will be joined by one competition winner
Four models, two gay men, a couple of socialites, a stockbroker and a singer with Tourette syndrome are among the contestants in this year's Big Brother.

The 14 hopefuls are aiming to last the full 13 weeks and win 100,000 in the Channel 4 reality TV house.

A member of the public will join them through a competition to find golden tickets in chocolate bars.

Producers have said the seventh series - which lasts until mid-August - would be "more twisted than ever".

This year the programme will be going head-to-head with the World Cup during much of June and July but the producers are confident their ratings will hold up.

One contestant, Pete, 24, from south London, has Tourette syndrome and sings in a band as well as being an aspiring comedian and cartoonist.

Big Brother contestant Pete
This year's Big Brother contestants include Tourette sufferer Pete
Gay Muslim Shahbaz, 37, from Glasgow, described himself as a "wacky Paki poof" who has been unemployed for 21 years and likes knitting.

Thirty-five-year-old Lea, from Nottingham, claimed to have won Miss Butlins in 1975 and had since spent 35,000 on plastic surgery.

Entering the house in a bunny costume, Nikki, 24, from Middlesex, also has false breasts and said her dream was to marry a Premiership footballer.

Imogen, 23, is a former Miss Wales, while 18-year-old lifeguard Glyn believes he is "the closest example to perfection".

Mikey, 22, from Liverpool, claimed to hate feminists and ugly people, while Dawn, 38, from Birmingham said she did not like people in general and did not want to make friends.

Shabaz in Big Brother
Unemployed gay Muslim Shabaz, 37, is a knitting enthusiast
Nineteen-year-old George is a former public schoolboy and the son of a former private secretary to Prince Charles.

Dance teacher Grace, 20, is a self-confessed "Sloane ranger", while loudmouth Lisa, 27, from Manchester, said she would be nominated because she is so direct.

Turkish Cypriot entrepreneur and stockbroker Sezer, 26, claimed to have gone from being a tea boy in the City of London to owning his own trade company at the age of 19.

Bonnie is a 20-year-old care worker with an ambition to be "more famous than Madonna", while Canadian-born gay waiter Richard appeared in a white vest and Stetson hat.

Viewers can also win a place in the house by finding one of 100 golden tickets in Kit Kat bars, with the winner drawn at random on 2 June.

Big Brother contestant Nikki
Nikki said she wanted to "get noticed by rich and famous men"
The longest UK version of the show so far will see some contestants remain cut off from family, friends - and the World Cup - until mid-August.

"More than ever before, the Big Brother house will be a difficult place to live in," a Channel 4 spokesperson said.

This year's "inside out" house, which includes a carpeted garden and grass in the kitchen, has been described as "the seventh circle of Hell" by designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Housemates will share one bedroom and one bathroom, all surrounded by glass walls.

Last year, 7.8 million people tuned in to see dancer Anthony Hutton win the show's 50,000 prize.

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