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Embrace unveil World Cup anthem
Embrace singer Danny McNamara (left) and bassist Steve Firth
Embrace hope England football stars will appear in the video

Rock band Embrace have unveiled their official World Cup song which they hope will spur the England team to victory.

World at Your Feet, which is released on 5 June, received its first radio play on BBC Radio 1.

Singer Danny McNamara said he was inspired by the nation's love of football when the team does well.

The song features the lyrics "there's no-one you can't beat" and "you know it's going to be our time" but does not mention the word "football".

You're the first in my life
To make me think
That we might just go all the way
And I, want you to know we're all hanging on

They'll come and yes they'll try
To break us down
But we know that we'll never lose
If we keep moving forward and don't look back

But McNamara told BBC News the song featured football references.

He said: "There's 'You lift it up with one proud kiss', which is obviously about lifting the cup.

"Then there's 'You're the first in my life to think we might just go all the way'.

"I wasn't born in 1966 but I think they have got every chance."

McNamara said the band had been "very, very nervous" about unveiling their effort.

He said they would play it to the England players for the first time on Sunday.

"They haven't heard it yet, but we are playing the PFA awards so we'll get a chance to play it to them then," he said.

"We hope they like it. We did it wholeheartedly so we hope they like it."

Classics comparison

The band are yet to record a video to accompany the song but hope the likes of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney will join them if they perform on Top of the Pops.

McNamara said: "That would be a complete honour. I bet I'd get all their autographs, I bet it would be amazing."

McNamara said he was not intimidated by comparisons to previous favourites like Three Lions and New Order's World in Motion.

He said: "New Order are one of my favourite bands. Joy Division, the band before New Order, were one of the reasons I got into forming a band.

David Beckham and Frank Lampard
Embrace believe England's players can triumph in Germany

"There's been some classic songs and you can't really be compared to them yet because people haven't had a chance to listen to it.

"Those songs become classics when people take them into their hearts and I just hope people do (with ours)."

The band will give the first televised performance of the song on Match of the Day 2 on BBC Two on Sunday.

Virgin Radio's Christian O'Connell is releasing an unofficial song called the People's Anthem, featuring former footballer John Barnes, while singer Joe Fagin has re-recorded his 1984 hit That's Livin' Alright.

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