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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 April 2006, 06:41 GMT 07:41 UK
New Dr Who ready for series debut
Billie Piper and David Tennant
Tennant made his debut as Dr Who on Christmas Day
Dr Who returns to the screens for a second series, with new Doctor David Tennant taking over the Tardis.

The actor, who replaces Christopher Eccleston, will face villains including the Cybermen and a character played by comedian Peter Kay.

Tennant said the nine months spent filming the new series had been "hard work" but added that he "had a ball".

Fans of the show are now able to download 13 free one-minute episodes called Tardisodes.

The pilots preview that week's TV episode, with a "back story" of characters to expect.

The day-to-day excitement is that the scripts are so good - they are such finely crafted stories
David Tennant

The downloads are free, but texts are needed to subscribe to the service.

Meanwhile, ahead of the new series, Tennant - who made his debut in a Christmas special - said: "I have had the time of my life, it's been great.

"There's no other job like it really. I mean you know, I get my own Tardis."

The actor, who stars alongside Billie Piper, said the best aspect of the role was the scripts.

'Daunting' role

He said: "The day-to-day excitement is that the scripts are so good - they are such finely crafted stories.

"That is what makes nine months fly by."

The Scottish actor, who does not play the part with his natural accent, admitted that it was slightly "daunting" to be following on from Christopher Eccleston.

"It is very daunting because it had been a huge hit and everyone, quite rightly thought Christopher was fantastic."

But he said that the nature of the character meant that he had to accept that it would be daunting.


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