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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 15:05 GMT 16:05 UK
'Smellovision' for Japan cinema
Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell plays an American colonial leader in the film
Screenings of Colin Farrell's latest film will be accompanied by a series of smells at a cinema in Japan.

Seven fragrances will waft from machines under back row seats during historical adventure The New World.

A floral smell will accompany love scenes, with a mixture of peppermint and rosemary for tear-jerking moments.

Cinemas across the country will be able to download programmes to control various sequences of fragrances for other upcoming films.


The company who makes the fragrance-emitting machines launched a service for Japanese homes last year.

The home version of the equipment costing 510 was designed to provide aromatherapy during work or horoscope readings.

The machines have to be topped up with fragrant liquids which create the scents.

A globe-shaped version of the machine for computer users is also manufactured, which emits fragrances depending on mood.

It can be used to provide relaxation before bedtime or to keep the user alert if they are working late at night.

In The New World, Farell plays American colonial leader John Smith, said to have been saved from execution by North American Indian princess Pocahontas.

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