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Last Updated: Friday, 7 April 2006, 12:36 GMT 13:36 UK
Artist's cold call cuts off phone
Banksy's phone box in Soho
The phone box was placed near Soho Square, London
"Guerrilla" artist Banksy has revealed his latest stunt - a crumpled red phone box with a pickaxe in the side.

The unorthodox exhibit, apparently bleeding, was placed in a street in Soho, central London on Wednesday but was removed by Westminster Council.

Banksy has become notorious for his audacious, clandestine pranks.

He has hung his own works in some of the world's most prestigious galleries including Tate Britain, the British Museum and four top New York galleries.

His satirical stencils appear on walls in many cities and he once erected his own version of the Old Bailey's statue of justice wearing leather boots and a thong.

A BT spokesman said: "This is a stunning visual comment on BT's transformation from an old-fashioned telecommunications company into a modern communications services provider."

The company later described its request to have the sculpture in the reception of its headquarters as "tongue-in-cheek".

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