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Lennon ship log book up for sale
John Lennon with son Sean on board the Megan Jaye
Lennon came from a seafaring family
A ship's log book written by John Lennon during a stormy trip to Bermuda in 1980 is expected to make up to 25,000 at a London sale next month.

The log contains an account of the former Beatle screaming against the tempest and singing old Liverpool shanty songs while steering the ship.

Lennon credited the voyage with helping him overcome writer's block - he went on to write album Double Fantasy.

Lennon's son Sean, who was four at the time, accompanied him on the trip.

The logbook is being sold at Madame Tussaud's on 19 April.

Lennon, who had chartered the Megan Jaye from Rhode Island in the US, had to take over the helm when all the other crew members fell ill.

"It was just like going on stage, at first you panic and then you're ready to throw up your guts.

"But once you got out there and start doing your stuff you forget your fears and you got high on your performance," he wrote.

Lennon steered the ship to safety and they arrived in Bermuda on the 11 June 1980.

John Lennon's exercise book
Lennon was 12 when he copied the Walrus and the Carpenter poem into his book

A letter from Lennon and fellow Beatles George Harrison and Ringo Starr to Linda McCartney's father Lee Eastman is also up for sale by auctioneers Cooper Owen.

The letter was sold at auction for 48,000 in May last year, but is now up for sale again and has an estimated value of 100,000.

The letter, written in 1969, stated that they did not want Eastman to represent them - Lennon wanted the former Rolling Stones boss Allen Klein to be their manager.

The three Beatles feared Eastman would enable McCartney to dominate the band.

The wrangle worsened relations between the Fab Four, and the band broke up in 1970.

An old schoolbook belonging to Lennon, which failed to fetch the reserve price of 75,000 at Sotheby's last year, is expected to fetch 100,00 this time round.

The book features an illustration from Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and the Carpenter, the inspiration behind Beatles track, I Am The Walrus.

Other items on offer include Lennon's christening bracelet, his writing desk from his Aunt Mimi's house and a medallion worn by Elvis Presley during the filming of Jailhouse Rock in 1963.

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