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Duran Duran 'top bad album poll'
Duran Duran
Duran Duran later called their 1995 album "commercial suicide"
Duran Duran's 1995 release Thank You has topped a Q magazine poll of worst albums of all time, according to the Independent on Sunday.

The record - a collection of cover versions paying tribute to bands that inspired them - is one of 10 reportedly singled out by the magazine's pundits.

Others include Mick Jagger's 1987 solo album Primitive Cool, Naomi Campbell's Baby Woman and Cyberpunk by Billy Idol.

Duran Duran won a lifetime achievement award at the Q Awards in 2003.

Thank You, which spent just three weeks in the charts, features versions of Lou Reed's Perfect Day, Elvis Costello's Watching the Detectives and Public Enemy's 911 is a Joke.

The band, whose original line-up reformed in 2001, later described the record as "commercial suicide".

Naomi Campbell
Campbell 's Baby Woman is among the other records cited
Gareth Grundy, deputy editor of Q, told the Independent on Sunday that the album was "abysmal on every level".

"Sometimes these things are redeemed by some sort of kitsch value, but it didn't even have that."

Duran Duran are not the only band to be slated for tackling other people's material, however.

Westlife are also cited for their 2004 Frank Sinatra tribute Allow Us to be Frank, as are the hip-hop artists who contributed to the Phil Collins-themed compilation Urban Renewal.

  • Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven has been voted the ultimate guitar solo of all time by readers of Total Guitar magazine.

    Other tracks in the Top 10 include Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child, The Eagles' Hotel California and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Total Guitar editor Stephen Lawson said he was "not surprised" Jimmy Page's "brilliantly structured" solo had struck a chord with his readers.

    Almost 2,000 people, including music teachers and professional guitarists, voted in the poll.

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