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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 March 2006, 10:48 GMT
Jackson joins Penguin film spoof
Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson appeared in the third Star Wars prequel
Actor Samuel L Jackson is to narrate a US film spoof of Oscar-winning wildlife documentary March of the Penguins.

The Pulp Fiction star will feature in Farce of the Penguins, giving a racy commentary dubbed over authentic and fake penguin footage.

Whoopi Goldberg and James Belushi will also provide voices for the film.

The French original, which follows penguins on the trek to their Antarctica breeding ground, won this year's best documentary feature Oscar.

Bob Saget, an ex-host of TV US show Best of America's Funniest Home Videos, will write and direct the spoof.

Production company Thinkfilm say the plot will follow "one penguin's search for love while on a 70-mile (112-km) trek with his libidinous buddies on their way to a hedonistic mating ritual".

Hit original

Saget got the idea when he did his own narration while watching the original.

March of the Penguins is France's most successful film at the US box office.

It was narrated by Shawshank Redemption actor Morgan Freeman.

March of the Penguins
A crew spent 14 months filming penguins in Antarctica

The spoof was announced last year with a poster in US entertainment publications depicting penguins wearing women's underwear below the slogan "What happens in Antarctica, stays in Antarctica".

The slogan is a send-up of a slogan used to promote Las Vegas.

Saget starred in the 1980s US TV sitcom Full House, which also featured the then-infant twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.

He also appeared in US documentary The Aristocrats, in which 100 well-known comedians told an obscene joke shared privately by comics since vaudeville days.

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