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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 March 2006, 12:59 GMT
Doherty admits to drug possession
Pete Doherty
A microphone was kicked through the air
Singer Pete Doherty has pleaded guilty to possessing heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis at a court hearing in London.

The Babyshambles star admitted seven counts of possessing controlled drugs at Thames Magistrates' Court.

Doherty, 26, is already on probation for previous drug offences and is subject to a rehabilitation order.

A fracas outside court resulted in a BBC Radio 1 reporter having a microphone kicked out of her hand by the singer.

He had just climbed onto a wall outside the court following the 20-minute hearing when the incident happened.

Inside court, Doherty was first accused of having 0.406gm of heroin, 0.776gm of crack cocaine, 0.332gm of cannabis resin and 5.94gm of cannabis when he was arrested on 18 December in Riverside Close, Clapton, east London.

He was also arrested on 14 January accused of possessing 3.103gm of heroin, 3.664gm of crack cocaine and 2.503gm of cannabis, this time in nearby Dunlace Road.

'Good work'

The case was adjourned until 20 April for sentencing after a request by defence lawyer Sean Curran.

He told District Judge Jane McIvor that Doherty was responding well to the rehabilitation programme which was imposed at Ealing Magistrates' Court last month.

Mr Curran said that while the star had "got a problem", his last review had been very favourable and suggested he was heading in the right direction in his battle to get off drugs.

He said: "If Mr Doherty shows the inclination he has had on his first review, the court may look more favourably on him.

"It will mean he can continue with the good work he has done under this order. It is still at its initial stages."

The judge warned Doherty that "all options" remained open as far as the sentence is concerned.

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