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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2006, 09:40 GMT
Apology over 'fake' Clooney blog
George Clooney, at the Berlin Film Festival
George Clooney won this year's best supporting actor Oscar
A US political commentator has apologised for passing off remarks made by George Clooney in interviews as a blog entry by the actor on her website.

Arianna Huffington said she was "sorry" to have made Clooney's comments seem like an original article by the actor, and not a collection of quotes.

The blog entry included Clooney's criticism of US Democrats for not opposing the start of the Iraq war.

A Clooney spokesman said Huffington had apologised to users but not the actor.

His publicist Stan Rosenfield said: "An apology to the readers was appropriate but to my knowledge she has not apologised to George."

Big mistake

Ms Huffington said the incident had been a "major lesson learned" for the development of her Huffington Post website.

She said: "I now realise that I made a big mistake in posting a blog without clearly identifying that the material in it didn't originate as a blog post, but was pieced together from previous interviews."

The site features blog entries by left-wing commentators and occasional pieces by a handful of celebrities such as actor John Cusack and Seinfeld creator Larry David.

Clooney, who won a best supporting actor Oscar this year for Syriana, has been a prominent critic of the Bush government and war in Iraq.

His most recent films, which also include Good Night and Good Luck, have tackled political issues.

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