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Singer Coxon finds solo happiness
By Michael Osborn
BBC News entertainment reporter

Graham Coxon
Graham Coxon says there is a 'loser element' to his music
Singer-songwriter Graham Coxon is poised to release his sixth solo album, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds.

The 36-year-old, who parted company with Britpop band Blur in 2002, says his collection of songs about love finds him at his happiest as a musician, working alone.

"Songwriting is part of being alive. You feel there's a lack of something in your life unless you distil feeling into some music and lyrics.

"At this point in my life I'm happy being my own boss, writing at home and only leaving the house when I want to," says the former Blur guitarist.

'Small miracles'

Coxon adds that his self-determining solo career allows him to concentrate on the relationship with his five-year-old daughter Pepper, which has fed into his latest offering.

James Blunt
There's no humour in his music and doesn't seem to be much depth. It's the sort of thing you'd write on a card if you were sending flowers
Graham Coxon on James Blunt

"It's quite easy to write songs which may be interpreted by people listening as romantic love, but spring from conversations about her and are etched into something about sentimental love," he says.

Another major life change which has had an effect on Coxon's work is managing to overcome an addiction to alcohol.

"It gives me more time to devote to music. I can sit and work on things without wanting to go out to the pub.


"My mind is clearer and I'm healthier. There is a promise that if you beat an addiction small miracles happen - and they do," he says.

Coxon admits that he is "delighted" when one of his songs scores chart success, but "doesn't care" for musical plaudits on the scale enjoyed by James Blunt.

"Blunty? There's no humour in his music and doesn't seem to be much depth. It's the sort of thing you'd write on a card if you were sending flowers. He's not very angry and perhaps too together.

Coxon (r) with his former Blur bandmates

"That's what a lot of people require for a quick lift. My record is about the ugly drives of human beings, particularly men.

"There are situations on the album that are so pathetic that they have to rely on humour," adds Coxon.

"Perhaps Blunty is healthier than me. I find that straight, sincere talk embarrassing. He might be great chatting up a girl. I'm not. There's a loser element to what I write about.

"I'd love to get married and live in a cottage, but there has to be a bit more to it than that, doesn't there?"

Love Travels At Illegal Speeds is released in the UK on 13 March.

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