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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 March 2006, 17:41 GMT
Franco's paintings 'not genuine'
General Franco
General Franco ruled Spain for almost four decades
An auction of oil paintings by the former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco has been cancelled after his family denied they were painted by him.

The landscapes, signed 'Girones', were due to be auctioned on 5 April with an opening price of 9,000 Euros (£6,177), Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported.

But a lawyer for Franco's family said it was a "mistake" and they had been withdrawn from auction in Seville.

Franco took charge of Spain in 1939 after the country's bloody civil war.


He ruled for nearly four decades, until his death in 1975.

Lawyer, Joaquin Moekel, who is acting as spokesman for the Franco family, has denied the three oil paintings are works by Franco.

He said: "We found out [on Tuesday] about this auction of paintings under Franco's name... but it's a mistake.

"Franco never painted Moroccan landscapes nor used a pseudonym.

"They have been withdrawn [from auction]," he added.

The landscapes were said to have been a gift from the general's wife to the father of an art gallery owner in Seville.

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