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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2006, 10:03 GMT
Rio rocked by another art robbery
Rio carnival
Rio's annual carnival came to a close last week
Priceless artefacts have been stolen from a Rio de Janeiro museum in the city's second art theft in 10 days.

Two armed men burst into the Rio City Museum and took gold and silver relics from Brazil's empire era said to be of "incalculable historic value".

The 11 stolen items include an ivory sabre and a pearl and silver foil.

The robbery resembled a heist at the Chacara do Ceu museum on 24 February that saw gunmen steal paintings by Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Monet.

The bandits used the bustle of the Rio carnival to cover their escape.

Glass display

As before, Monday's raid saw thieves disarm guards and take advantage of the museum's poor security system.

According to museum director Heloisa Queiroz, the facility lacked an alarm system and video cameras.

The pieces, all dating from the 19th Century, were kept in a glass display on the first floor.

The Chacara do Ceu museum has offered a reward of $5,000 (2,876) for the safe return of their stolen paintings, one of which has been reportedly put up for sale on an internet auction site.

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