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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 16:39 GMT
Oscars panel: Trevor Martin
I was so overexposed to Oscar stuff here in California last week that I shut down and almost didn't care any more.

Then I found myself totally riveted when I reluctantly switched on the telly.

Trevor Martin
Name: Trevor Martin
Age: 45
Lives: San Francisco, US/Brighton, UK
Occupation: Retired events marketing consultant
Favourite all-time film: Now Voyager/Brokeback Mountain (it's a tie)

The red carpet machine was fun even though sometimes it seems silly.

Glamour is not important when assessing artistic excellence but in today's culture beauty and talent have become confused and somehow collide with each other.

Kudos to Rachel Weisz. She was a class act on the carpet and just as good on the thanking podium when she won.

It's amazing how so many of the winners in all sorts of categories were talking of the human heart and love and all of us coming together as a human race, instead of defining ourselves in silly, dangerous annoying groups.

It is human nature to polarise and be scared of things that are different. (That was how the creator of the Daleks was inspired. He saw that quality that we all have.)


The Oscars were fun and important on Sunday night. Maybe for the first time in years.

I am a little annoyed with myself, now, for being completely blinkered about the fact I chuntered on about Brokeback Mountain having to win every trophy.

There were a lot of moving movies in 2005 and I so hope it augurs well for the future of Ficklewood. Let's raise a glass to the end of Follywood!

Here's to fantastic, talented artists in both big and small budget films being judged on merit, not box office revenue.

I was reluctant to be affected by the Oscars on Sunday but I was moved in certain moments on many levels.

And the award for deportment and beauty and best dressed star goes to: Nicole Kidman.

Okay so I contradicted myself - I am seduced by glamour too!

Nicole is a classy dame.

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