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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 16:41 GMT
Oscars panel: Debra Tysall
I drove across town on an errand today, and got caught up in a traffic jam close to the Kodak Theatre. And for once, I just didn't care, I was happy to sit in my car, with helicopters and blimps in the skies above me, limos gliding by on the streets around me, I was enjoying the moment.

It's exciting being in LA around Oscar time, and now it's all over for another year...

Debra Tysall
Name: Debra Tysall
Lives: British but live in Los Angeles
Occupation: Several jobs, used to be a chef
Favourite all-time film: Shawshank Redemption with LA Confidential also up there

I was so very pleased that Rachel Weisz won best supporting actress, I have been rooting for her ever since I saw her in The Constant Gardener and her win eased the disappointment I felt when the movie itself failed to pick up a nomination for best picture and/or best director.

Crash was somewhat of a surprise best picture win, but I am a big fan of that movie, and feel justified now in all my faith in it, I loved it, and so too did the Academy.

Did you see Paul Haggis' face? Total surprise for a split second when the announcement was made.

I knew as soon as Ang Lee got best director that Crash was going to win the big prize, and now he has two Oscars, what a major achievement for him. And well deserved.

Wallace and Gromit, that's four Oscars for Nick Park. I am so very proud of him and the magical, intrinsically English movies he makes. They have given me so much pleasure over the years, and he is a genius in my opinion.


Must go and make myself a cheese sandwich. Wensleydale, of course!

The red carpet was as exciting as usual, Isaac Mizrahi kept his hands to himself, and I thought most of the ladies looked incredible, especially Felicity Huffman and Rachel Weisz. Not forgetting the guys, Eric Bana was very dapper, I felt.

Jon Stewart did a good job, not as good as Billy Crystal, but I am sure that he will be asked back.

In the next year, I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with two of the most exciting movie characters of all time, Indiana Jones and James Bond, and if the book is anything to go by, The Da Vinci Code should be terrific.

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