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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 09:45 GMT
Oscars 2006: Live text event

Quotes from reporters and celebrities will appear here to build an alternative picture of Oscar night with minute-by-minute coverage.

We also asked you to text in to give us your views on the night's proceedings.


The BBC News website's Jackie Finlay
0830 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
The BBC's hotel is still busy with reporters filing for TV and radio late into the night, to meet the deadlines of shows around the world.

It's funny to think that people in the UK are reading this website or watching Oscar interviews over their cornflakes and coffee, while we are working well into the early hours to bring it to them.

0645 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
Vanity Fair has just thrown me out of the press pen - simply because I work for a website.

Despite having press accreditation and there being plenty of room I was given my marching orders. I'm appalled - don't they realise this is the 21st Century?

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0500 GMT, Claire l. Beswick, Singapore by text
Not since the 1980's when the British swept the Academy Awards have the Oscar winners been so deserved. Very rewarding!

0500 GMT, Philip Seymour Hoffman
"I literally lost all control of bowels up there. I didn't consider a quick bark at the end for my friend "woof!" but I was swimming in my head, it was good to get out of there".

0444GMT, Ang Lee
"The gay cowboy sequence was hilarious, it was quite genius".

0431 GMT, Reese Witherspoon talking about her dress
"This is an original Christian Dior from 1953 and I found it in a vintage store in Paris. And it's mine! These wonderful people helped me find it and repair it and bring it back to its original condition. It's so light, it's very nice".

0425 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
The press room has just exploded with excitement - Crash is best picture! "Something different to write about," cheered a Spanish reporter opposite me.

0347 GMT, Philip Seymour Hoffman
"I'm in a category with some great, great, great actors, fantastic actors. I'm overwhelmed".

0336 GMT, Robert Altman when asked by Variety magazine how he kept a full heart transplant a secret for 10/11 years and why he revealed this now on Oscar night.
"I don't know, it just occurred to me (to reveal it now). I thought nobody would hire me, there's such a stigma about heart transplants. I have a female heart, I think - it feels like it. It's about 40 years old now and it came from Dakoma or some place in Washington".

0329 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
Jennifer Garner almost falls over her dress as she walks up to the podium and the press room draws a collective sharp breath. She recovers well: "I do my own stunts".

0321 GMT, Howard Berger (winner with Tami Lane for makeup, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
"Well, I'm just glad that Clooney doesn't do makeup. So it worked out well".

0320 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
If anyone wants to know, the little bow ties that Nick Park and Steve Box brought out for their Oscars were the very idea we'd come up with on Friday as mentioned in the reporter's diary. I am as proud as punch (although I'm sure I had less to do with it than I remember!) - well done on the win, boys.

0310 GMT, Lifetime achievement, winner Robert Altman
"I was really honoured and moved to accept this award. When the news first came to me I was caught off guard. I thought this type of award meant it was over!"

0305 GMT, Colin Paterson, BBC News
Jack Nicholson is sitting next to Keira Knightley. Worrying. Bet you he tried to charm her before the first award was given out.

The BBC News website's Jackie Finlay
0249 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
The toy penguins are in the press room and their humans are talking a lot in French so we can't take any quotes. They are also talking in penguin again, but then that's a more universal language.

0246 GMT, Rachel Weisz to Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
We don't know if it's a boy or a girl but Oscar is not among names for the baby.

0207 GMT, Rachel Weisz
"Thanks so much to the Academy for this. I share it with others - Ralph Fiennes, my luminous acting partner, Fernando Meirelles, our director, who is brimming with humanity...and of course John Le Carre, who wrote this unflinching, angry story, and he really paid tribute to the people who risk their lives to fight injustice, and they are greater men and women than me".

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0135 GMT, Marjorie Dawson, Wellington, New Zealand by text
Gromit did it again! Congratulations to Nick Park and Steve Box!

0132 GMT, Sophia, Canterbury, by text
Ben Stiller was hilarious when he was presenting the Oscar!! What a perfect idea!

0130 GMT, Wallace & Gromit winner Steve Box
"Someone once said if you make a bad film you make it alone, if you if you make a great film everyone made it with you. We made a great film, guys. Cracking cheese Gromit".

0126 GMT, Fiona, Manchester, by text
Jake Gyllenhaall was robbed! He gave an incredible performance in Brokeback.

0125 GMT, Antony, Manchester, by text
Still getting over the overlooking of King Kong. Without doubt the most enjoyable film of the year.

0119 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
Loud guffaws in the press room for Jon Stewart's introduction to the show, especially his Dick Cheney/Bjork joke. Looks like he's off to a good start.

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0046 GMT, Rich, Nottingham, by text
I've told my mate Jon I'll eat a jar of Nescafe at our Oscars party if Reese doesn't win best actress.

0044 GMT, Romana, London, by text
An Oscar for Reese and Joaquin! And of course Mr Clooney.

0027 GMT, Charlie, Staffordshire, by text
Crash for facing an uncomfortable subject with a great film. An Oscar for Clooney for sheer integrity.

0015 GMT, George Clooney to Tom Brook, BBC News
"We have been fairly unburdened by success at all of these events. We have not had an armful of trophies. The truth is I'm not going to let anybody make this an un-fun year because we did not win trophies. It's been an exciting year. I sat down with a pen and wrote a screenplay and it got six Academy Award nominations. It's a fun year".

2359 GMT, Colin Paterson, BBC News
Clooney and Knightley have arrived. The E! reporter just asked Clooney if he would like to win. If only there was an Oscar for worst question.

2337 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
Keira Knightley is looking extremely vampish, with heavy eye-make-up, hair pulled back in a tight ponytail and the most enormous necklace.

2331 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
George Clooney has arrived and he's playing to the crowd in the bleachers, waving and signing autographs. Everyone's taking photos on their little digital cameras. Suddenly the bleachers seem full of females.

Help create a public running commentary of the 78th Oscars
2321 GMT, Jayne, Scunthorpe, by text
I really hope George Clooney wins something. He deserves it!

2324 GMT, Tom Brook, BBC News
Brokeback Mountain has done very well given its subject matter. It's tipped to win the big awards tonight.

2311 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
Rachel Weisz is on the red carpet wearing black (is this a repeat of Catherine Zeta Jones's successful pregnancy look when she won best supporting actress for Chicago?)

2309 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
Some cuddly penguins are coming down the red carpet - presumably carried by the French team up for best documentary for March of the Penguins.

2306 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
We were queuing up to get into the backstage press room when someone came down the escalator carrying a giant Oscar statue. They tried to push through the crammed journalists and one reporter almost got knocked over. Someone next to me quipped: "And the Oscar goes to..."

Help create a public running commentary of the 78th Oscars
2127 GMT, Doug, Cambridge, by text
Brokeback and Capote are both stunning. It is going to be an exciting night.

2244 GMT, Jenna, Peterborough, by text
I hope Reese Witherspoon wins tonight. I thought her performance was inspiring and put her in a league of her own in the actress category

2127 GMT, Mick, Derbyshire, by text
I reckon Brokeback Mountain will be tonight's success story. I wouldn't be surprised if it rides off with best picture as well.

2045 GMT, Tom Brook, BBC News
There is excitement in the air. I was just down on the red carpet and the fans have arrived. They were let in at 0900 and anything that might make them scream, they respond to.

1923 GMT, Colin Paterson, BBC Radio
Weird. Keira Knightley is on the cover of the LA Times Oscar day supplement and both Daily News film critics say they want her to win. But in the UK, there was no BAFTA nod.

The BBC News website's Jackie Finlay
1900 GMT, Jackie Finlay, BBC News website
The atmosphere on the red carpet is really crackling. All the fans who won tickets in the online lottery have arrived in the bleachers and the walkway is thick with camera crews and presenters. Everyone is screaming at anyone and anything - and there are still about four hours to go before the first stars arrive.


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