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Last Updated: Monday, 6 March 2006, 16:40 GMT
Oscars panel: Amanda Hepburn
Still reeling from the shock of the night in best picture.

Amanda Hepburn
Name: Amanda Hepburn
Lives: Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, UK
Occupation: IT officer
Favourite all-time film: Chocolat (it always makes me smile)

It is nice that the Academy made up their own minds and did not follow the hype around Brokeback Mountain.

Although I think Reese Witherspoon performed well in Walk the Line, it is such a pity that Joaquin Phoenix has received no awards for the best performance of his career.

Congratulations to the British winners - Rachel Weisz, Nick Park/Steve Box from Aardman Animations and Martin McDonagh.

Weisz handled the whole experience with great dignity and a wonderfully controlled acceptance speech. It was extra special to receive the award from Morgan Freeman. I wonder why he was so amused when reading the winner's name?

This year it has been so great that Nick Park has invited Peter Sallis to the Academy Award ceremony. Wallace would not be so special without his marvellous voice. Best fashion of the evening has to be the Oscar bow ties.

Seriously, part of the occasion is the review of the designer outfits - and why should we be different? Only my opinion ladies!


Worst dressed - Michelle Williams (the colour), Keira Knightley (like a Laura Ashley reject from the 1980s), Amy Adams (just odd-looking).

Best dressed - Sandra Bullock (class), Jennifer Lopez (her hair and dress were perfect), Uma Thurman (simple but stylish).

The end-of-year party is over and we start to look at the new movie releases. I must admit the date in my calendar is 19 May when hopefully, court cases permitting, will see The Da Vinci Code in Britain.

I am extremely pleased with the casting of the movie. I enjoyed this book not for the controversy surrounding it but because it is a good thriller. Expecting a stunning movie.

As with most years, I disagreed with the both the British and American Academies on their winners. If either Academy would like my services next year on their voting panels, please let me know!

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