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JK Rowling 'deluged' with paper
Harry Potter author JK Rowling
JK Rowling is writing the final Harry Potter book
Harry Potter fans have sent JK Rowling reams of paper, after the author complained of a notepad shortage near her home in Edinburgh.

Fans, who are anxiously waiting for the seventh and final Harry Potter book, sent Rowling everything from a single sheet of paper to entire notepads.

A paper merchant even delivered a set of notebooks embossed with the author's name.

Rowling says she now has "enough paper to write several book sevens".

Speaking about the paper shortage on her website last month, the author explained that she prefers to use a pen and paper to draft her novels, rather than a computer.

She admitted this made her feel like "something out of the 18th Century".

Weighty problem

Rowling has also attacked critics who accused her of being prejudiced against overweight people.

Last month, the author said she feared her daughters would grow up to be "empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones" because of the media's obsession with weight.

She was accused of hypocrisy by Simon Walters in the Mail On Sunday, who said overweight characters in her novels, such as Harry Potter's cousin, Dudley Dursley, are portrayed as figures of fun.

Rowling defended her books on her personal website, saying: "Several of my most important, admirable and lovable characters... are on the plumper side".

"'Overweight' in no way equates to 'bad' in my fictional world," she added.

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