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Last Updated: Friday, 3 March 2006, 09:00 GMT
Oscars panel: Megan McLeod
I think the only thing that could disappoint me this year, as with most years, is a clean sweep of all (or most) of the major categories by a single film, even by an excellent one.

Megan McLeod
Name: Megan McLeod
Age: 28
Lives: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Non-profit admin/popcorn monkey
Favourite all-time film: Too many to list but Singin' in the Rain and Brazil are right up there

With the momentum behind Brokeback Mountain, this is a definite possibility.

So I'm rooting for the underdogs.

What I would love to see is some of the less-hyped films get some recognition; most particularly, I want Good Night, and Good Luck to get its due.

I realise that the best actor race is really a toss-up between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger, but I would be over the moon if David Strathairn sneaked in somehow.

Other underdogs I hope to creep in ahead of more obvious winners: Amy Adams as best supporting actress for Junebug, The Squid and the Whale for best original screenplay (especially since I really disliked Crash).


And anything but The March of the Penguins for best documentary feature (Because of my work, I've seen this one about eight times. I'm tired of those penguins!)

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