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Last Updated: Friday, 3 March 2006, 08:59 GMT
Oscars panel: Amanda Hepburn

Looking forward to the red carpet interviews and all the glamour of Oscar night. It just adds to the atmosphere of the evening and makes it so special.

Amanda Hepburn
Name: Amanda Hepburn
Lives: Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, UK
Occupation: IT officer
Favourite all-time film: Chocolat (it always makes me smile)

My patriotic side would like all the British nominations to do well. With limited funding and opportunities for film in the UK they deserve every plaudit.

These are the categories/people/movies I will be watching with interest and I hope win the Oscar:

- Steven Spielberg to receive the achievement in directing Oscar and for Munich to win best motion picture of the year. This movie really affected me in these troubled political times.

- Most difficult choice is in the performance by an actor in a leading role. I would be happy if either Joaquin Phoenix or David Strathairn got the Oscar as I thought both performances were outstanding.

- George Clooney to win something in any category for his sterling year's work.


I would be delighted if Memoirs of a Geisha mirrored the Baftas and won for cinematography. Such a beautiful movie to watch.

- I'm hoping Nick Park and Aardman Animations win their fourth Oscar for Wallace & Gromit.

- King Kong to receive some recognition for all the efforts of Peter Jackson and his team.

- Finally Joyeux Noel to win best foreign language film.


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