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Digital broadcasting: Industry answers
Some of the leading figures in the broadcasting industry have answered your questions about TV and radio in the digital age.

The BBC News website asked for your queries about the way new technology is being used - and the eight sharpest and most pertinent questions were put to the virtual panel.

Click on each question to read the answers. The opinions given are those of the experts concerned, and are not endorsed by the BBC.


My boyfriend and I have invested in a top-of-the-range High Definition LCD screen especially for this year's World Cup - so I'm desperate to find out if the BBC and ITV coverage will be in high def, and if so, how will I get it? Fay, Woking, Surrey

  • Brian Sullivan, Sky:

    Sky HD is scheduled to launch in the first half of this year. So, from Sky's point of view, so long as the BBC broadcast an HD service via digital satellite and you have the correct HD equipment (HD Ready TV and a Sky HD box) you will be able to watch the World Cup in HD.

    Sky HD will launch with a package of subscription channels that include Sky Sports HD, Sky One HD, two Sky Movies HD channels, Sky Box Office HD, Artsworld HD, National Geographic HD and Discovery HD.

  • Simon Spanswick, Association for International Broadcasting:

    The BBC, Sky and many other broadcasters are working on HD - it's the future of TV and if you visit the US, you'll find that just about all major sport is broadcast in high definition.

    The host broadcaster in Germany will be using HD for all the matches, and many broadcasters across Europe will offer HD services, such as Premiere (Germany's equivalent to the UK's Sky), although these may be on a subscription-only basis.

    The World Cup will certainly be a driver for the take-up of HD sets in the UK and Europe - but there may be a question mark over the availability of HD-compatible set top boxes.

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