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Last Updated: Monday, 27 February 2006, 13:39 GMT
Kingsley downplays 'Sir' furore
Sir Ben Kingsley
Sir Ben stars opposite Morgan Freeman in Lucky Slevin
A film poster which credits actor Sir Ben Kingsley with his full title was "unintentional", his agent has said.

"He has never been credited with this title before and never will be in the future," she told the BBC News website.

The Oscar winner came under fire from film producer Lord Puttnam earlier this month, who called him "barmy" for insisting on being called Sir.

Promotional material for new film Lucky Number Slevin calls the 62-year-old actor Sir Ben Kingsley.

"I was shocked when I found out what had happened," Sir Ben was reported as saying in the Sunday Telegraph.

"The reaction to the poster from people in our profession was totally justified but it was to someone else's faux pas."

'Quietly proud'

"No-one's ever asked for the title to be used in this way because it's not the way we work in this profession. It's always been and should always be Ben Kingsley.

"I think some well-meaning executive sat down and said, 'what shall we call him: Ben Kingsley, Sir Ben or even Sir Kingsley?'

"The upshot is it goes off in a memo and no-one thinks to stop it," added the actor, who was honoured with a knighthood in 2001.

Sir Ben, whose screen credits include Schlindler's List and the House of Sand and Fog, also told the newspaper that he was "proud" of the the title, but had learnt to be "quietly proud".

When the actor was invested as a Knight he said: "There is no Mr Ben Kingsley anymore. Being a Sir brings with it responsibility."

Sir Ben later criticised a German reporter for calling him Mr Kingsley.

"It's Sir Ben. I've not been a mister for two years," he said.

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