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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 February 2006, 10:44 GMT
Oscars 2006: Live text event

The world's biggest celebrities are set to converge on Hollywood for the 78th Academy Awards - and we want you to be part of our Oscars coverage.

Reporters on the scene in Los Angeles will build an alternative picture of the night with minute-by-minute coverage.

Comments from celebrities as they arrive for the ceremony, win or lose awards and head off to the glamorous parties will also feature.

If you are planning on watching the Oscars or following the ceremony via the BBC News website, we want you to join in with your own observations on the night and any incidents from your Oscar parties.

You can text the news website directly on 07736 100100. If you are watching from outside the UK send your messages to 44 7736 100100. Don't forget to include your name and location.

If you are lucky enough to be sat in the bleachers at the Kodak Theatre or are at an Oscars-themed party, we would also love to see your pictures. Send your camera phone photos to 44 7725 100100 and short MMS video clips to 44 7725 100100.

Get your texts and pictures in to us as the celebrities begin to arrive at the Oscars on Sunday.

And you can e-mail your thoughts on the winners after the ceremony via the Have Your Say pages.


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