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Oscars panel: Scott Christie

All the other awards have been given and the anticipation rises for the biggest showbiz event of the year.

The Bafta "show" is getting better, but still can't hold a candle to the Hollywood star power.

There is that dream that one day I'll be part of the whole circus myself.

That said, I don't like the recent "innovations" during the Oscar broadcast, such as the stars presenting awards in the auditorium - it should be old fashioned grace and elegance and the winners should get their moment on stage.

I became interested in the Oscars when I read about Daniel Day Lewis winning for My Left Foot.

Scott Christie
Name:Scott Christie
Age: 30
Lives: London
Occupation: Actor
Favourite all-time film: The Manchurian Candidate (the original)

I became an avid follower of the Academy Awards as it was the only ceremony that seemed to matter before the world went celeb mad.

My mate Dave and I used to remember every winner of the acting, picture and director awards and challenge each other on it. He still remembers...

For me, the main attraction is the choices on the night that give rise to forceful opinions, arguments and the occasional moment of genius/tragedy/craziness - Robin Williams singing Blame Canada, still no win for Scorsese and Bjork's dress for example.


The year I remember most vividly was 1994 - I videoed it and I still have it somewhere.

That was the year that The Shawshank Redemption was not deemed worthy, Sam Jackson's reaction to losing, Tarantino and Avary's rapid fire thanks and Hank's second consecutive award.

The speeches are the most embarrassing part, although some of the autocue reading could be smartened up as well.

I know some fellow actors have written their Oscar speeches already, but I couldn't.

Just being there and looking at all my idols in front of me would render me dumb, so there would be no need for notes.

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