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Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

An acquaintance of mine won an Oscar for technical expertise several years ago.

I hadn't seen him for ages so when I turned on the telly I was shocked, envious and pleased as punch (did I mention envious?) to see his nomination and subsequent win.

Absolutely surreal to see someone you know pick up an Oscar.

One day when we were much younger (and unemployed) he told me he was going to win an Oscar. I remember laughing and teasing him about it.

So much for naysayers, right? I had to eat my words but I was pleased to do that.

Trevor Martin
Name: Trevor Martin
Age: 45
Lives: San Francisco, US/Brighton, UK
Occupation: Retired events marketing consultant
Favourite all-time film: Now Voyager/Brokeback Mountain (it's a tie)

I have stood in my living room a few times with a shampoo bottle/lamp/fake Oscar, thanking everyone. I must quickly add that I haven't done it recently. Honestly I haven't. Really. No. I haven't.

Okay then, maybe once.

I didn't see the BAFTA awards last week as it is not televised in America but I kept my ear close to the ground and was very, very pleased. Jake Gyllenhaal won best supporting actor and Brokeback Mountain received the most awards.

Good ol' Jake seems to have his feet on the ground and he comes over as very genuine. I don't envy his fame at the tender age of 25. It must be very taxing. I think fame must be exhausting.

Those all important acceptance speeches are crucial aren't they? Lest we fall asleep with the endless thanking. Mr Gyllenhaal's speech was perfect.


One of the things I don't like is the sponsorship.

It's a bit sad to see the Baftas dubbed The "Orange Bafta awards".

They aren't orange. They are silver or bronze coloured, I think.

Aligning with a hugely popular worldwide event generates enormous recognition for the sponsoring company.

However including the name of the corporate sponsor in the title eclipses the event itself. Sponsorship should be subtle, almost subliminal, but it's not.

It punches you in the face. Sponsors aren't important to us: the event is. The Oscars/Baftas needn't prostitute themselves.

Highly skilled event sponsorship salespeople sell the idea to event organisers. Someone in the events office needs to block it and reduce the corporate profile of the would-be sponsor. The sponsor would more than likely pay the same fee.

Onto the red carpet fashion show:

Joan Rivers always asks: "Who are you wearing?"

"I dunno who made my T-shirt and jeans, Joan, I just wanna win. Know what I mean, Joan?"

Wouldn't that be special?

Let's face it, beauty and haute couture are not the point.

"It's just a great honour to be nominated ....."

I am thinking it would be even sweeter to win, sans posh ball gown!

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