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Oscars panel: Todd Beasley

This year I plan to watch the Oscars from the comfort of my home.

Oscar parties never seem convenient on US Eastern Standard Time, especially on a Sunday evening when Monday morning as well as the work week is fast approaching.

In past years, friends have thrown parties and we would all vote using printed ballots seeing which guest came closest to the final tally.

Todd Beasley
Name:Todd Beasley
Age: 40
Lives: Augusta, Georgia
Occupation: Art director for media company
Favourite all-time film: The Trip to Bountiful (1985)

It always came to pass that some had to leave early while others fell asleep and all seemed less than excited by midnight when the really big awards were still yet to be presented.

I don't know that I have a particularly memorable year that stands out among others - maybe it was the year Sally Field uttered her now famous quote, or the year Jack Palance decided to do push-ups on stage.

But I do know that it was probably a year that Billy Crystal hosted since - his "times-at-bat" have seemed the most entertaining.

I also know that one of the most disappointing years for me saw The Color Purple completely snubbed - now hailed by many critics as one of the best American films ever (and rightly so).

I still discuss the nominated pictures with friends, many of which we see together. This becomes a bit of a competition each year.


How many of the films can we see before the actual ceremony?

This inevitably gives us leverage to convincingly argue which film or actor deserves to win or not win come Oscar night.

It has in my case become part of my calendar year, like it or not. I will always go to the movies. I will always notice the outstanding, the average and truly terrible performances in the films I see.

And I will always tune in come March to see if a deserving few become part of motion picture history. (And yes, I'll probably even buy the over-priced popcorn and drink to go along.)

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