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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 July 2005, 17:56 GMT 18:56 UK
Monsoons hit Bollywood film sets
Floods in Mumbai (Bombay)
The rains have caused havoc in Mumbai, India's movie capital
Bollywood producers in Mumbai (Bombay) are counting the cost of heavy rains that have deluged film sets, disrupted schedules and hit box office takings.

The downpours have caused chaos in the region and claimed almost 900 lives.

One Bollywood trade analyst, Komal Nahta, said the area where film studios are based was among those flooded.

Another analyst, Indu Mirani, said Bollywood "stopped functioning completely for three days" - but losses were not as bad as some had feared.

Mumbai received more than 65cm (26 inches) of rain on Tuesday - the heaviest recorded in India's history.

There were definite losses but they are not as bad as the film industry is making it out to be
Indu Mirani
Trade analyst
Mr Nahta said film sets were destroyed, shoots were cancelled and there have been few cinema screenings.

"Almost the entire film industry stays in the northern areas of the city that were flooded," he said.

"Many of the film stars, producers and production houses had water flooding their premises, ruining valuable material."

Ms Mirani said there were "definite losses" but added they were "not as bad as the film industry is making it out to be".

Although three days of filming were lost, such delays often happen for a range of reasons, she said.

"The industry was certainly affected but, as it has often done in the past, it tided over this calamity."

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