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Last Updated: Monday, 20 February 2006, 13:43 GMT
Spitting Image back in spotlight
Michael Heseltine meets his namesake
Michael Heseltine said he was "obscure" before Spitting Image came along
A documentary celebrating Spitting Image, the satirical puppet programme which ended in 1996, is to be shown on ITV1 later this year.

Best Ever Spitting Image will look back at the show's most memorable puppets and sketches, which lampooned the famous using latex puppets.

The series attracted audiences of up to 15 million in its heyday.

But ITV dismissed speculation that a new series would follow the documentary's transmission.

The documentary will include interviews from some of those at the receiving end of the programme's humour over its 12-year run, including Lord Heseltine, Edwina Currie, Steve Davis, Trevor McDonald and Paul Daniels.

Crazed puppet

Lord Heseltine said in 2000 he owed a debt of honour to the show that portrayed him as a crazed puppet of Tarzan swinging on vines.

"In a sense Spitting Image made me," the former Conservative cabinet minister said.

Several famous TV personalities made their name voicing the puppets, including Alistair McGowan, Steve Coogan and Harry Enfield.

Writers included Ian Hislop from Have I Got News For You and novelist John O'Farrell.

Filming of the documentary has just begun.

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