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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006, 11:29 GMT
BBC denies axing Spooks episode
Rupert Penry Jones as Adam in Spooks
Rupert Penry Jones plays MI5 agent Adam in Spooks
The BBC has denied claims an episode of spy drama Spooks is to be dropped over fears it may upset Muslims.

Newspaper reports claimed the BBC were set to axe an episode - due to be shown later this year - in which an al-Qaeda terrorist is shot dead.

But a BBC spokeswoman said there was "no question" of the episode being cut.

In 2003, almost 1,000 people complained about an episode of the drama which centred on a suicide bomb school in a Birmingham mosque.

Muslims groups said the programme's plot could have incited hatred towards Islam.

The complaints were later dismissed by the Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC) who said the show was "clearly presented as a drama, rather than as a factual account".

Topical events

In a statement, the BBC said the latest episode in question was about a fictional Christian extremist.

It said: "This episode is not about al-Qaeda. There is no question of an episode of Spooks being scrapped.

"Spooks is known for its ability, even though it is filmed well in advance, to hit on issues that are highly topical and reflect modern life.

"It has gained a reputation for tackling difficult and relevant topics with care."

Spooks, which centres on MI5 agents fighting terrorism in the UK, begins its fifth series later this year.

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