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Last Updated: Sunday, 24 July 2005, 10:10 GMT 11:10 UK
Countdown 'set for new presenter'
Richard Whiteley with co-presenter Carol Vorderman
Whiteley and Vorderman co-hosted Countdown for 22 years
Channel 4 game show Countdown will return with one main presenter, co-host Carol Vorderman has said.

A replacement for Richard Whiteley, who died in June aged 61, was more likely than a series of guest hosts, according to Vorderman.

The show, which is recorded in Leeds, has been largely absent from Channel 4's schedules since Whiteley's death.

Vorderman, who has appeared on Countdown since 1982, said any decision would not be made until the autumn.

"We are going to carry on, probably with one presenter," she said.


"It is still all quite sensitive and we are not even trying new people until September.

"It will be very odd for me. Obviously the person I want to do the show with is Richard," added Vorderman.

The television host, best known for solving the numbers game on Countdown, said Channel 4's switchboard had been "inundated" with inquiries from viewers wanting to know when the afternoon show was likely to return.

"By and large, 95% of our viewers have said they do want it to come back," added Vorderman.

It will be very odd for me. Obviously the person I want to do the show with is Richard
Carol Vorderman

Channel 4 has said the programme would take a break over the summer while discussions about its future took place.

They have yet to comment further on any decisions made about what will happen to the show.

Richard Whiteley. who was the first person to appear on Channel 4 when it began broadcasting more than 22 years ago, died after undergoing heart surgery and suffering with pneumonia.

A scholarship has been set up in his name, helping someone in the Yorkshire region who wishes to embark on a career in television.

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