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Last Updated: Friday, 22 July, 2005, 06:33 GMT 07:33 UK
Quiz: Are you a digital citizen?
By Darren Waters
BBC News entertainment reporter

All this week the BBC News website is speaking to people whose creativity has been transformed in the digital age.

From blogging to podcasting, millions of ordinary people are becoming writers, journalists, broadcasters and film-makers thanks to increasingly affordable and accessible tools

But are you a digital citizen? Take our quiz to find out.

Question 1
How many songs have been sold by the iTunes music store to date?
A: 500 million
B: 250 million
C: 150 million
D: 100 million
Question 2
What is a moblog?
A: 1. A type of MP3 player popular in South Korea
B: 2. A weblog written on the go from a portable device
C: 3. A spontaneous gathering organised over the internet
D: 4. A record of online transactions made with a bank
Question 3
Who designed Apples famous series of recent Macintosh computers?
A: Richard Rogers
B: Frank Lloyd Wright
C: Jonathan Ive
D: Christopher Wren
Question 4
Which BBC comedy series can you watch online before it is shown on television?
A: The Mighty Boosh
B: The Smoking Room
C: Extras
D: My Hero
Question 5
What is a podcast?
A: A piece of audio that is downloaded from the net and can be put on an MP3 player
B: An attachment for MP3 players which lets people broadcast their music via radio
C: A digital camera with built-in MP3 player
D: An MP3 player with built in digital camera
Question 6
Who created the online file-sharing system Napster?
A: Steve Jobs
B: Jay Berman
C: Adam Curry
D: Shawn Fanning
Question 7
What does DRM stand for?
A: Digital Relay Mechanism
B: Dongle Reflex Maintenance
C: Digital Rights Management
D: Dynamic Reference Map
Question 8
What is the name of Sony's handheld console that can play games, music and let you watch movies?
Question 9
Tivo and Sky+ are examples - but what is a DVR?
A: A digital voice recorder
B: A digital vector reference
C: A digital video recorder
D: A digital value restraint
Question 10
What percentage of internet users in the UK are now using broadband?
A: 75.2%
B: 50.7%
C: 46.5%
D: 33.7%

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