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Star Trek: Where are they now?
The original crew from the Starship Enterprise

Star Trek fans are mourning the death of James Doohan, who memorably played Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the original Star Trek. He was just one of the original cast from the Star Trek series, which ran from 1966 to 1969.

But after its cancellation many of its actors found it difficult to avoid being typecast.

The successful film franchise that began in 1979 allowed them to reprise their roles, and many of them will be largely remembered for their time on the Starship Enterprise.


DeForest Kelley had a successful career in Westerns and played one of the Earp brothers in Gunfight at the OK Corral.

As well as playing "Bones" in the six of the big-screen movies, he also had a cameo in the Next Generation series.

In 1999 he was given a Golden Cowboy Boot award, honouring his earlier work in Westerns.

Later that year he died of stomach cancer in California. His ashes were scattered in the Pacific ocean.


After Star Trek Nimoy spent three years playing Paris in the spy TV series Mission: Impossible.

But the legacy of pointy-eared Vulcan Spock proved hard to shake, and he returned to the role in six Star Trek movies - two of which he directed.

He enjoyed further success as a director with the 1987 comedy hit Three Men and a Baby.

In recent years he has been acclaimed for his photography. He has also written two autobiographies - I Am Not Spock and I Am Spock.


An established TV actor before Star Trek, Shatner stayed in the medium to play dedicated cop TJ Hooker, which went on to become a hit TV series.

His current role as eccentric lawyer Denny Crane in Boston Legal won him a Golden Globe award in 2005.

Reprising the role of Kirk in seven Star Trek films, one of which he directed, he finally killed off the character in 1994's Generations.

He is a regular guest on the convention circuit and has a string of best-selling science-fiction novels to his name.


Chicago-born Koenig drew on his Lithuanian descent to play the heavily accented ensign Pavel Chekov.

He appeared in seven Star Trek films and has lent his voice to numerous Trek video games.

Staying in science-fiction, he had a recurring role in Babylon 5 in the villainous role of Bester.

In recent years he has taught acting at UCLA and at the Actor's Alley Repertory Company in Los Angeles.


One of the first black actresses to have a non-stereotypical role on television, Nichols suffered racial harassment during filming and threatened to resign.

But she withdrew the request when Martin Luther King told her what an important role model her character was.

She reprised that character in six Star Trek films and in numerous video games.

Earlier this year she had a supporting role in the Ice Cube comedy Are We There Yet?


Takei reprised the role of Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu in six films, his character eventually rising to the rank of Captain.

He also appeared in an episode of the spin-off series Voyager.

Like many of his colleagues, he published an autobiography - To the Stars - in 1994.

He remains active as a stage and TV actor and as an advocate for the interests of Japanese Americans.

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