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New Doctor Who's fears over role
David Tennant in Casanova
David Tennant starred in the BBC period drama Casanova
David Tennant, who takes the role of Doctor Who in the autumn, has said he hopes he will live up to the legacy of former Time Lord Christopher Eccleston.

"Chris was so good in it," the actor told Doctor Who magazine in his first interview since getting the role.

"It left me thinking 'there's an awful lot to live up to here'. I know everyone loved Chris, and so did I, but hopefully I won't disappoint people."

Filming starts on the new 13-part BBC One series in Cardiff this summer.

Lifelong fan

In his first interview since winning the iconic TV role, Tennant, a lifelong fan of the series, said becoming the Doctor was "a bit surreal".

"But you have to get beyond that quite quickly. The moment of that slight 'out-of-body experience' ends when you realise you have to knuckle down and do it."

The actor also spoke of his delight at teaming up with co-star Billie Piper, who plays the Doctor's assistant, Rose.

Billie Piper
Billie Piper will return as Rose in the new series

"She's just great. Fantastic. Just absolutely perfect. Spunky and quick and sexy, just the ideal companion really. So I'm really glad she is doing the whole series."

The series reunites Tennant with writer and executive producer Russell T Davies, who also wrote Casanova in which Tennant starred earlier this year.

But Tennant admitted to being unnerved by a visit to the Doctor Who website Outpost Gallifrey.

"The first comment I read was very nice, and the next comment was terribly flattering, and then the next one said something like 'I can't bear the sight of him!'"

"The one after that said 'That's it! The dream is finished! Somebody who looks like a weasel could never play the Doctor!'"

"I just hope people like it. I hope they stick with it and give it a chance."


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