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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2006, 09:07 GMT
Stones angry at 'ridiculous' cuts
Mick Jagger
The Rolling Stones gave a typically energetic performance
The Rolling Stones have called the censorship of two songs during their half-time Super Bowl performance "absolutely ridiculous".

The sound was cut when frontman Mick Jagger sang lyrics that were deemed inappropriate for TV audiences.

National Football League officials said the band agreed to have the songs censored before Sunday's show.

But The Rolling Stones said the decision by NFL and TV network ABC was "completely unnecessary".

ABC said changes to the Stones' show were made by the NFL and its producers, while NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the band was "aware of it and were fine" with the cuts.

Huge audience

During the Stones' 12 minute set, lyrics in Start Me Up and Rough Justice were cut, while (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction was left intact.

The Super Bowl, which was held in Detroit on Sunday, attracted its biggest audience in a decade, with more than 90 million viewers.

It also rated as the most-watched television programme in the US since 1996.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake
Janet Jackson's breast was exposed at the Super Bowl in 2004

Comedy-drama Grey's Anatomy, which was aired on the ABC network after the game, pulled in the biggest audience for an entertainment programme since the finale of Friends two years ago.

It was also ABC's highest-rating entertainment show for 12 years.

At 2004's Super Bowl, Janet Jackson caused outrage in the US when a "wardrobe malfunction" exposed her right breast during a routine with Justin Timberlake.

The incident, which was broadcast to millions of TV viewers worldwide, led to the CBS TV network being fined a record $550,000 (292,000).

This year, TV network ABC broadcast the Super Bowl with a five-second delay while a sell-out 65,000 crowd watched the Rolling Stones live.

Music stars who have performed at the Super Bowl in the past have included Sir Paul McCartney and U2.

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