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Last Updated: Tuesday, 7 February 2006, 09:50 GMT
Fans triumph over net ticket site
By Ian Youngs
BBC News entertainment reporter


Ticket agency Getmetickets.net, which provoked anger from many music fans, has been shut by the government.

The site gained notoriety after customers complained that they paid high prices to get into sold-out shows but their tickets never turned up.

The company did not appear to have enough tickets to supply its customers, the official receiver has said.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has asked for the company to be wound up in the public interest.

Getmetickets.net became the most high-profile unauthorised ticket resale agent after being investigated by the BBC's Watchdog programme twice and in the national press.

It offered sought-after tickets to fully-booked concerts, festivals, sports events and theatre shows at prices well above face value.

Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard called the site "a terrible rip off"
At the time of closing, it offered tickets for acts including The Eagles, Eric Clapton and Take That, with prices rising to 1,777 for the top seats for The Rolling Stones.

The agency was attacked by music figures including Sir Cliff Richard, who called the site "a terrible rip-off".

As well as charging high prices, Getmetickets.net gained a reputation for only delivering tickets at the last minute or not at all.

A DTI spokesperson said petitions to wind up companies in the public interest are made when firms do not do what they claim, but refused to give further details.

In a notice on the company's website, the official receiver said: "When my staff attended the company's premises a number of tickets were recovered.

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones - 1,777
Sir Eric Clapton - 1,377
The Eagles - 977
David Gilmour - 777
Take That - 677
"It appears that the company does not have sufficient tickets to supply all its customers who have ordered and paid for tickets.

"The court has therefore ordered that those tickets held by the company should be distributed to customers in the order that customers paid for the tickets."

All recovered tickets are being sent to customers but no other tickets will be available and the receiver said he could not make exchanges or refunds or enter into discussions with customers.

Getmetickets.net managing director Michael Rangos, who billed his company as the UK's largest independent ticket agency, was unavailable for comment.

In November, he told the BBC News website he could guarantee his customers received tickets.

"The delicate web of relationships that we have built over a number of years provides us with more than a guarantee - utmost certainty - that we have access to thousands of tickets for the most popular concerts," he said.

The closure comes three months after concert, theatre and sport promoters called for ticket touts to be made illegal.

Below are a selection of your comments about the site getmetickets.net.

I've purchased 2 tickets for Jack Johnson in Manchester for the 24th Feb, it was sold out so I bought the tickets from getmetickets.net for a total of 120. The tickets were for my best friend's 21st birthday and the concert is on the day before my birthday.

I can't afford to buy any more and I've been waiting to see Jack in concert for 3 years now. I'm gonna be totally gutted if I don't get my tickets and I won't have a birthday present for my best mate.
Lucy Haynes, Bangor, Gwynedd

Absolutely devastated! I'd never heard of this company before, let alone it had been on watchdog. I guess I'll be nearly 200 out of pocket. I only used this company as it was impossible to get tickets at the usual ticket sites, there needs to be a serious rethink on how to buy tickets without the "touts" making money .
Rebecca Hobson, Kettering

I think I'm about to have a very disappointed 16-year-old on 18 Feb - I booked tickets for Little Britain in Bournemouth through this agency as the tickets were 'so say' available. As she's 16 on that day it was going to be a surprise birthday present for her - she adores LB, and I feel angry that these people can rip off innocent, hard-working individuals who are looking for a decent night out - what do I tell her now?
Heather, Devizes, UK

My boyfriend bought two Robbie Williams tickets for Paris in June. We received the tickets two weeks ago, but are now concerned as to their authenticity. Are the tickets likely to be genuine?
Cat Morris, Huyton, Liverpool

I bought two Robbie Williams tickets for my wife for Christmas (550). After reading that the company is in receivership I contacted Barclaycard (the card I paid with) told them I hadn't received the tickets and wasn't going to. They told me the transaction is covered by the consumer credit act and I would be refunded in full, if not by getmetickets then by Barclaycard.
Gareth Senior, Ascot, Berkshire

Oh dear... I guess we won't be going to see Depeche Mode at the end of March after all. Not sure how my wife (the Mode fan) is going to take this news...
Chris, Chester, UK

I bought two tickets from them for my daughter and her friend to go and see Bon Jovi at Coventry in June, I now have two teenage girls in tears!! People like this should be made to pay for all the upset they cause all in the name of making a fast buck!
Clive May, Landrake, Cornwall

I paid for two tickets on 14th Nov 05 to see the Eagles Manchester 20/06/06 at a cost of 301. Does this mean I won't be receiving them? Sylvia Dudley
Sylvia Dudley, Bishop Auckland, UK

I bought 2 tickets for Depeche Mode in November, where do any of us stand with getting any of these tickets? This was a Christmas present for my husband!
Kerry Pearce, Poole, Dorset, England

2 tickets bought pre-Christmas for Front Half seats Robbie Williams Amsterdam Arena June 2006. Paid by credit card. Any advice please.
Jon Lloyd, Baildon West Yorkshire Yorkshire

My girlfriend bought us two tickets to see Jack Johnson in Birmingham on March 1st. Getmetickets.net took the money in November but we are still yet to receive the tickets.

The tickets were for my 21st birthday and due to their high value it has left my girlfriend out of pocket with no gift for my 21st. As you can imagine she is extremely upset and angry.
Matt King, Royston, Herts

I ordered Depeche Mode tickets in Nov. I've been waiting to see Depeche for ages and now I'm not going to and I'm out of pocket 114! I would never trust these small time ticket companies again!
Justin, London, UK

My parents bought me and my partner 2 tickets to see Bon Jovi at Manchester on the 4th June. We are now facing the very real possibility of not getting to see them due to the concerts being sold out. We have lost 125.
Sarah Roberts, Leeds, England

Had a pair of third row centre block tickets for Lee Evans. Seats were superb and worth the premium paid. Have also paid in advance for a pair of tickets for Robbie Williams in Dublin for this June but because the interfering government have shut the company down, we are now not going to be able to go, having paid for flights, unless I get tickets from another source.
Matthew Clark, Great Dunmow, Essex UK

I have paid for 2 Take That tickets for my wife as a Christmas present, the tickets cost 207. Will I see either the tickets or the money???
Tony Murrell, Lytham St Annes Lancs UK

I have paid for four tickets to see The Eagles on the 13th June at Birmingham at cost 795. Do you know if I will get these tickets? Please help.
Catherine McIntosh, Eaglescliffe. Stockton-on-Tees. Cleveland

I purchased tickets for The Eagles tour in Dublin for my 40th birthday. I was gutted to see the Watchdog programme showing the problems with getmetickets.net. Not only is this for a special birthday for myself and my partner, it seems that I have lost 401.00 for the tickets plus I have booked hotel accommodation 278.00 plus another 115.00 for flights to Dublin.
Sandy Williams, Mountain Ash R.C.T

Ordered tickets via web site on 06/12/2005 for Robbie Williams concert in September 2006 (14th Sept 2006 - Wembley Stadium) to the value of 261.00 - had not seen or heard anything prior to this with regard to the company being looked into. I am very, very disappointed.
John Walker, Eastleigh. Hampshire UK

I ordered Kaiser Chiefs tickets for my boyfriend a couple of days ago! Does anyone know what will happen? I think the money's just been taken out of my account! I had absolutely no idea about this.
Daisy, London

I purchased 2 tickets last month for Robbie Williams at Wembley in September. Although the tickets were well over face value - the site was open and honest as to the original cost of the tickets and I considered it a reasonable price. Does this mean I will not get my tickets? I purchased them with a VISA card, does that offer me protection? The 2 gold tickets cost 360.
Noel Silverman, Wivelsfield Green, East Sussex

I have bought Take That tickets from getmetickets after they sold out on other sites. I don't hold much hope for receiving anything now, as the concert isn't until May.

Luckily I got my tickets via Credit Card and after speaking to my card company today I will get a refund, as they have been inundated with complaints themselves!
Gregg Bulman, Carlisle, Cumbria

I bought a pair of Morrissey (Manchester Apollo) tickets from getmetickets at 100 each only a few days ago. As the gig isn't scheduled until May the venue wouldn't have released the tickets yet. I doubt I'm going to receive anything from these clowns.
Chris Myers, London UK

Hopefully awaiting for 2 tickets for Kaiser Chiefs Brighton Centre. I ordered these on 20th Dec 2005 and can only hope I will receive them shortly-otherwise 101 has been thrown away/lost and my son will be very disappointed as they were birthday presents!!!
Jo Kamalian, Brighton, England

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